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Plastic Monkey Films

Independent Film Company


Plastic Monkey Films is an independent film company that produces original innovative films.

Headquartered in Southend, Essex, with outposts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it was founded by brothers Scott McQuaid and Lawson McQuaid in 2017.


Plastic Monkey Films has produced numerous short films that have screened at various film festivals.

The first feature film, Space Ninjas, was launched in 2019 and it collaborates some of the most influential cult figures in film to create artistic pop cultural genre-defying cinema. Future feature films are currently in pre-production.


From conception to final edit, we produce original TV and internet documentaries, creating a dynamic approach to factual storytelling.

Outlining reality narratives that focus on reasons of instruction, education, or historical recording, our documentaries educate and broaden the perspective of the subject matter.


We work with theatre companies to help capture the magic on stage with plays, musical theatre and dance performances translated onto screen.

Our theatrical sister company ‘Random Theater’ has produced numerous plays that have been shot for public distribution by Plastic Monkey Films.

Space Ninjas

Space Ninjas is a B-movie horror, comedy, sci-fi, martial art movie written and directed by Scott McQuaid.

The scene opens with a stylized television sci-fi show titled Stranger Than Fiction, with its charismatic host Jack Strange played by Dirk Benedict (A-Team, Battlestar Galactica, Bodyslam). This prelude introduces a classified incident that allegedly took place at a high school somewhere in Asia, cue title sequence.

Five high school teenagers, Zack the nerd, Tammy miss popular, Keiko the Japanese exchange student, Omar the jock and leader of the misfits, Stanlei the skater girl, played by Yi Jane, are called for detention on a Saturday night. The deputy head of the school, Mr. Hughes played by Razif Hashim (Best In The World: Asian Food Channel) leads the punishment.

As the night progresses an elite group of Space Ninjas invade the secluded school. After the Space Ninjas kill Mr. Hughes, the students are left to fend for themselves, trapped on the school grounds, fighting for survival.

The five students are being hunted and killed off one by one. The survivors stumble across the eccentric science teacher, Professor Rosencrantz, played by Brian Narelle (Dark Star, The Wizard Of No, 13 Reasons Why). 

Together they decipher why this is happening and devise the best plan of escape. As the student number drops in deaths, the Space Ninjas also add the school janitor to their body count. Hong Kong cult B-movie director Godfrey Ho (Ninja Terminator, Ninja Protector, Ninja Squad) plays the short lived Janitor.

Professor Rosencrantz is eventually cut down by the space assassins, but not before unveiling a kung fu master clone that he produced in his lab, played by Filipino TV sensation Jay Mago (Kalokalike – Its Showtime ABS-CBN).

As the Space Ninjas close in on the last surviving members of the group, an unexpected relationship develops between Zack and Stanlei, but this momentary romance ends with Zack’s demise. As the last man (woman) standing, Stanlei engages in battle with the Space Ninjas.

As night turns to day, the CIA surround the school grounds and the men in black enter the crime scene. The Big Boss is played by Jon T. Benn (Way Of The Dragon, Fearless, Man With The Iron Fists). They sweep through the school campus erasing any evidence of alien activity, making this incident another great episode for the Stranger Than Fiction TV show, asking the viewer – was this fact or fiction?



On Set

In Production

Plastic Monkey Films is currently in pre-production with their second feature film, soon to be announced.


20 January, 2019 / Horror-on-Sea Film Festival

Space Ninjas made a test screening at the UK’s Horror-on-Sea Film Festival on Sunday, 20 January, 2019. The film received a very positive response from cinema goers.

The lead actress Yi Jane was in attendance with the producer Lawson McQuaid.

13 - 15 July, 2018 / Asia Comic Con

Asia Comic Con are the official sponsors for the upcoming release of Plastic Monkey Films’ Space Ninjas.

The Asia Comic Con event was held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from July 13 – 15, 2018.

This event played host for the debut teaser trailer of Space Ninjas, followed by a Q&A session with the cast and director of the movie. The audience reaction was both positive and extremely  enthusiastic about the films general release, which is due out later this year.

To remain updated with the movies release and promotion dates, please join our instagram account:


Who's Who

Scott McQuaid - Writer/Director


Writer / Director

Writer and director Scott McQuaid began his career in the film industry volunteering on Hong Kong film sets. With a BA (Hons) in Performing Arts and MFA in Film Making, he has directed for both stage and screen for over twenty years.

Directing broadway musicals in Malaysia has earned him the award for the best director at the 13th BOH Cameroonian Art Awards. He also received a Malaysian Book of Records Award for an original musical written and directed by himself. His original plays have received critical acclaim across Malaysia and Singapore, and his short films gathered positive reviews at screenings at UK, Japan and New York film festivals.

With the accomplishment of his debut feature film Space Ninjas, he is continuing to expand Plastic Monkey Films.

Lawson McQuaid - Producer



Lawson McQuaid is a newcomer to the industry. As he clearly demonstrated by building a prosperous company in the UK, Phoenix Electrical Installations Ltd, he is a business man with vision and perspicacity.

Always supporting his brother Scott in the performance industry with both moral support and financial backing, he recently decided to step into the producer role. Through public funding, grants and sometimes his own investment, he has managed to help elevate productions for the company that has resulted in fare and quality film production.

His producing credit on Space Ninjas promises to be the first of the many future film projects for Plastic Monkey Films.

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